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things we are that we need in this country. i am originally from europe. i am an immigrant who was a u.s. citizen. in europe, people talk about politics and are educated about in the family. here, people are apathetic about politics. they take everything for granted because they do not realize that problems could result of the don't pay attention. whether there should be 8 for the line for people who are undecided, they are not undecided, they don't know what is going on. i saw a news item right after the presidential debate on c- span, they were doing a focus group on the undecideds. it turns out that one of the women in the focus group was an actress who was paid to be in the focus group. it just shows the extent to which people who are running once did do people into going for -- want to do people into going for what they what. -- want to dupe people into going for what they want. host: here is a comment on twitter -- here is another bad from crossroads from the karl rove group. >> obama promised -- if your family is making $250,000 per year, my plan will not raise your taxes. >> on
, but they are not different from previous administrations. it has been u.s. policy, regardless of who the president is, since the truman administration, that the united states will stick up for israel and ensure its security in a dangerous neighborhood. the distance that governor romney is going to try to play up is the idea that benjamin netanyahu's government deserves the unqualified backing on domestic israeli policy as well this its policies toward the palestinians. it is correct in the sense that the obama administration has been highly critical of the settlements, but let's keep in mind that george w. bush's father, president george h. w. bush had very much the same differences, and went a step further in criticism. host: virginia. murdoch. independence caller -- independent caller. caller: there is hundreds of years of history of this in the middle east. the british and other european nations at one. divided it up and kind of controlled it through occupation. the american policy has always been to support israel, but we do not look as -- at each individual nation as having their own sovereignty, and w
that is interesting about the story, if it is accurate, it sounds like the u.s. is taking a position where we are likely to jettison our allies. the last thing we would rot -- we would want to do right now is abandon our allies. they have actually been more forward beginning and we have been. host: that was senator portman talking yesterday on "meet the press." here is a follow-up peace from "the new york times." "the u.s. and iran denied plans for a talk on the eve of the debate." host: david axelrod talked about this yesterday on the "meet the press." here he is. [video clip] [no audio] >> the currency has dropped in value by 50%. they are feeling the heat. that is what the sanctions were meant to do. if they are sensible, they are looking at that and saying that it is time to set aside nuclear ambitions and save our economy. that is what president has been working on, the project he has been working on for all of these years. we were isolated in our position on iran myriad should ask about this. host: there is a number in "-- from "bob schieffer." host: we will dig more into foreign policy
affect your vote. caller: absolutely not. and i am an independent for u.s. senate in florida. and i'me-in candidate, single with a mensa iq, and i'm the owner of two companies. geraldine ferraro was the best candidate running back years ago. vote for pete. host: let's go to our next call in hindsville, alabama, on our democrat line. good morning. no, they don't affect my vote. they are very intelligent women, but i've already made up my mind. so the spouses don't have anything to do with that. host: do they give more perspective and to who the candidates are? radio station in washington, wtop, says -- do you feel the spouses can give more of a human side to the person? caller: they might try, but most people see what the. candidates the. it's kind of hard for them to change the way people perceive the spouse. -- they might try, but most people see what the candidate is about. it has no effect on who i will vote for. host: andy is a democrat in florida. caller: i don't think spouses have anything to do with my vote. i vote for who's going to do the best for the people and the country
steps right to the plate. host: about the ramifications of the storm here is "u.s.a. today" storm could leave 10 million without power. utilities stay on top of outages and press for the impact. that is "u.s.a. today." on the economy here is "u.s.a. today" as well how will sandy affect the economy? economic losses will likely exceed the $12 billion to $16 billion from hurricane irene which battered the northeast in august of 2011 says a chief economist. and an economics professor at smith ity of maryland school of business estimates it will result in about $35 billion to $45 billion total losses. and another company projects $10 billion to $20 billion of damage about half insured. property damage will be repaired and lost economic output will be adjust set by other increased activity as residents prepare for the hurricane. and here is another story about economic impact from "wall street journal." losses may exceed those of the 2011 storm. airlines and shippers expect an extended disruption. will cost them millions of dollars and leave thousands of fliers and goods stranded. airlines wi
to the attacks on u.s. embassies overseas. specifically the attacks in libya. here is the headline from "the washington post" today. "libyan fiat -- prime minister fails cabinet vote." host: mitt romney is also going to talk today a little bit, or a lot about that conflict in a gauzy, libya -- been gauzy -- libya.zgahzi, host: back to the phones, we have about 20 minutes left on this first segment. richland, north carolina. steve? thank you for calling in. caller: i wanted to ask gilbert from oklahoma, he stated that none of mitt romney's sons are in the service. what branch of service did bill clinton, barack obama, and joe biden served in? these folks but little people because they decided not to serve, or to serve. my father came back from vietnam in 1971 and told me not to go into the service because of the way they were treated when they came home. my draft number was high enough that i did not have to go. i do not understand what is going on in this country. host: what should mitt romney talk about? caller: the military protection of our interests, he should continue to do so. i think
communities. >> i have stated that think we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. this raises an important question -- mexico is a great and mighty nation, and it is tragic what is happening in mexico, the violence. i was visiting with a mexican businessman some time ago who described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been for the past week, minute by minute. it is tragic what is happening -- getting to the united states should work cooperatively with mexico to help the mexican government solve this problem, stop the violence, and stop the drug lords terrorize and some of the innocent citizens. >> the texas senate seat held by retiring senator kay bailey hutchison is one of the key races you can watch on c-span, c-span radio, and /campaign2012. >> now, several perspectives on the presidential campaign in the battleground state of pennsylvania from ""washington journal." this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> "washington journal" -- we are focusi
-- that is a good point. if u.s. the republicans, they say that president obama will not work with them. what does it matter? theoretically, you do not need a majority anymore. it used to be that 51 seats controls the senate. no one does that anymore, you need 60 seats. we also saw in 2009, when they had 60 seats, they could still not get their act together on health care and things like that. before they turned around, scott brown won the massachusetts seat. to i expect anything to get done in the next cycle? no matter who is president? host: there is a very low approval rating of congress, a very high dissatisfaction level. what does that mean, from district to district? guest: perhaps one of the reasons that linda mcmahon is doing so well is because chris murphy is a part of that congress that gets like 12% approval ratings. that is enough for those people who give them that approval rating. it is unfortunate and ugly. our profession is in congress, getting things done to work for the people. a lot of voters are just tired of it. host: c-span will be airing a debate between those senate candida
intelligence, so much information that the issue for the u.s. government is trying to sift through it all to determine what is relevant? trying to make sure you respond appropriately. that is not a bureaucratic answer, that is the truth. caller: who is responsible for paying for it? where does the money come from? out of what the budget does it come out of? guest: those are numbers that we came up with. we are spending $1.5 billion out of the state department's budget on providing security overseas. there are multiple different layers of security overseas. the marines pulled chloride -- provide what level. they are not the front line security. the front line security comes from our diplomatic security force. it relies heavily on our host nation government. in yemen, one of the top employees was killed. those are the types of individuals we rely on to provide the facilities at these -- securities facilities overseas. caller: mr. nelson, when i hear the facts, when you have a situation where you have over 100 incidents and you have multiple requests for greater assistance, at what point do
in recent weeks. it runs the various scenarios of what happens if it goes to the u.s. house of representatives. this is a scenario where mitt romney and joe biden could win. the democrats have control of the senate, and the republicans have control of the house of representatives. brenda is on the phone from north carolina. is there is an election dispute, what happens next? thatr: let's hope and pray we do not have an election dispute. with the supreme court appointing george bush in 2000, that will not be good for the country. we need to make sure that everybody votes that has been ready to vote. there are a loud and not antagonized anything to make sure everybody gets their vote in. that is a right of all people regardless of what political party >> if you are an american citizen, it is important we all vote. host: to look for the call. a couple of comments from our facebook page. from our independent line from athens, tenn.. caller: it seems like there is a group of people, they want criminals to vote, the illegal aliens to vote. they cry that they are being repressed. i
. here's the washington post -- and another quick one, obama nominates a new commander for u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan -- we have time for one last phone call, james in indianapolis, an independent. what you think about tonight's debate? caller: it's a very important debate for simple reasons. one, it seems the republican party is trying to bait and switch and is not being held accountable by fact checkers or moderators'. joe biden is the type of guy who will give mr. ryan the time he needs to press the numbers and simply hold his feet to the fire. that's all that really needs to happen. i truly believe that what the republicans are trying to do is misrepresent what they would do if they were in office. i am totally confused how people said romney had a great debate when everybody knows he was misrepresenting kings and flip-floping -- misrepresenting things. i would like to think our electorate is not that naive. a lot of people that are not black do not want to voice their support for barack obama as strongly as tea party people and republicans who are against him. i believe oba
back to the economy. talk to me about the comparisons in your mind about the u.s. economy and overseas economy and why your optimism is, in fact, or, as you say, based on how our economy is doing versus economies from overseas. >> well, relatively speaking, when you take a look at some of the european economies, particularly some of the cutbacks in government and all it did was fire the economy up into a worse situation, when you take a look at france, they elected a new president there, and he's trying to implement the same type of progressive policies that the obama administration has done. it's clear that stimulus has worked despite the distortions about it. it appears this appears to be working in some other parts of europe. therefore, i think when you take a relative view of it, and you understand that we're recovering from the deepest recession since the depression, i mean, to think that one man, with the optimism that the republican party has placed is going to revive this economy, it's absurd. host: that's reggie. our next call is joan from palm coast, florida. she's a republic
. he improved economy today in the u.s. immigration from mexico saw an historic low during the worst years of the recession. people started heading back home and continue doing so from 2007 .o 2011 emma's headed north in the first half of 2012 -- immigrants headed north in the first half of 2012 outnumbered those heading back. from sacramento, california on our independent line, the morning. caller: the morning. as far as the gender gap, i want to talk about micro lending, which presupposes that women are the justice the words of the economy because they will turn their investments the with-are be trusted stew -- the trusted stewards of the economy. where is income one to come from if the bush tax cuts are reversed? what is going to happen if we increase money on defense and all of these promises. where is the return on investment in romney's vision? why is the intelligence of the american people, especially women, being consulted with all of this language of class warfare? it is completely of certification. i wish there was a more egalitarian few -- view of why it is so important to
. the headline, the u.s. is headed for disaster. the full interview with richard wolfe of "usa today" talking with perot, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. [video clip] >> do you think if we had had a administration from 1993 it through 2001, that things would be different today in terms of our fiscal picture? >> i would make every effort. i would have had to deal with the two parties. i would've gone directly to the american people for their full support. once you actually have that, you probably can get them to agree to anything, including a bad idea, which i would not have done. someone asked someone if he still stood for anything, and he said, "young man, i stand for reelection." host: that was an interview with ross perot. and here's the front page written by richard of to date ---- written by richard wolf today -- ron is calling from cincinnati. independent. will the vice-presidential candidates impact your vote? caller: yes. the president is like the quarterback. then you have a guard. that is his job. all the congress did was filibusters' so the president could not get anything done it. i will
is the lack of enforcement of u.s. law. along the border we had two people shot yesterday. one man died. with everything from president obama on june 15, with the dream act, a few days ago governor brown decided to give drivers' licenses to illegals. i think we are creating a lot of jeopardy and risk for our people along the border. a piecet's look at about immigration and governor mitt romney, softening his stance on immigration and other issues according to usa today, trying to keep conservative appeal as he courts undecided voters. he told one denver newspaper that he would not revoke temporary visas in what appears to be his latest attempt to soften his tone on key issues. he told the post in an interview that those who qualified for deferred action programs would be permitted to stay for the allotted term. of course, candidate mitt romney, here is what the article goes on to say. his decision to take a nuanced position on the issues two weeks after he dodged a question on the issue. the last caller also mentioned the death of a border agent. here is a story on that. host: we are as
justices will decide. elena kagan is reduced from oregon and the case as a former u.s. solicitor general. it is a good bet the four more conservative justices, if not to strike an entirely, will limit the use of race. the three more liberal ones will go the other way. as usual, anthony kennedy will hold the deciding vote. on the one hand, he has said there have been some positive things about the importance of diversity. on the other hand, he has never voted to make sure that affirmative action unfolds. >> is it possible that this could be a 4-4 decision? guest: it is not likely but possible. if so, but would have the effect of an opinion without reasoning, automatically affirming the decision below which had upheld the texas program, meaning a split would mean that affirmative action stays the way we know it today. >> is the university of texas austin the only school that uses the system? guest: this combination of top 10% and the other materials, that is a texas thing. if you are getting the diversity through a race-neutral means, like a top-10 thing, it cannot add on this holistic rac
. speaking of our contenders a series, another contender we featured the was x-u.s. senator george mcgovern. the family of next u.s. senator george mcgovern says the 90- year-old is no longer responsive in hospice care. his family issued a statement wednesday afternoon. his daughter earlier told the associated press that her father is nearing the and and appears restful and peaceful. she says it is a blessing that she and other family members can be with him. george mcgovern was the democratic candidate for president who lost to richard nixon in 1972. he was a member of the u.s. house from 1957-1961 and a u.s. senator from 1963-1981. he was considered a leader in the party's liberal wing at that time. we featured him on our contender series. you can go to our website if you want to learn more about george mcgovern. we are talking to women only here this morning for about the next 15 minutes, talking about your choice for president because the two campaigns are largely targeting you, when men, they want your vote. president obama won in 2008 with the female vote by a 13 point margin. the pol
for your call. we have discussed this a little bit. but one of the issues was about to the u.s. navy. [video clip] >> our navy is smaller than any time since 1917. they said they need if313 ships. we are now under 285. that is unacceptable to me. i want to make sure we have the ships that are required. our air force is older and smaller than any time since it was founded in 1947. we changed for the first time since fdr -- but always had the strategy to save the good fight in two of conflicts at once. now you are changing it to one conflict. this in my view is the highest responsibility of the president. which is to maintain the safety of american people. i will not cut our military budget by $1 trillion, a combination of the budget cuts the president has, and the sequestration cuts, that in my view is making our future less certain and less secure. >> first of welcoming the sequester is not something that i proposed, it is something that congress has proposed. will not happen. the budget we are talking about is not reducing our military spending, it is maintaining it. but i you menti
by mail. when we look at innovations in elections in the u.s., typically happens with the military. with the transmission of electronic ballasts, there's and opportunities for people to look of this and see what the better mousetrap would be. i would not be surprised downed road now that we have offer this to oversee civilians that we might see a greater incidence of this in the future. host: we're talking about voting. birmingham, alabama, democrat line. caller: good morning, gentlemen. i wanted to ax michael mcdonald a question. i am a proud democrats so i am pro-barack obama. and a lot of his early voting on the democrat side, there are a lot of voters that normally would not vote on election day. is that why he is getting a big push in ohio and other states? they might have made an effort to locate first-time voters and voters that normally would not vote on election day. is this not true? i want to make a comment after you are done. guest: so far, where we have party registration, there are a good number of democrats who have voted already. the polls are showing that obama is
there's only nine latter-day saints trenches in the u.s. that romney the longstalk lane. host: do you want to comment on the money in campaign 2012? caller: some states will not allow his turkish to be built in their state. host: she brought up religion, so let's talk about the role of churches, parishes, synagogues can play in the campaign and whether they are allowed to contribute. guest: they're not criminals not contributing directly to the campaigns, just like a corporation could not contribute. so we're not seeing money come directly from religious organizations. but certainly people's beliefs, people's attitudes toward important political issues are sometimes if shaped by their religious beliefs. and they have been important to populations -- they have been important population, people you can rely on in the election, since they are older and have certain religious beliefs. but they cannot play a financial goal. host: john is a democrat. caller: i just wanted to say that bush, romney, and the republicans have set up this tax structure which helps these companies take our jobs o
.a.t. scores. we'll talk about that. >> some news on the economy. u.s. home prices jumped 4.6% in august compared to a year ago. that is the largest increase in over six years. prices rose from july. this points to a housing recovery that economists believe is becoming sustainable. chrysler said their u.s. sales rose 12%. the increase was due to new models and a stable u.s. economy. industry analysts predicting u.s. sales of more than 1.1 million vehicles for september, an increase of 11%. new political ads hit the airwaves today. the biggest push so far in the 2012 cycle. they are airing in eight presidential battlegrounds. american crossroad spending $11 million on a spot called " actually happened." the ad is running in eight dollar ground states including nevada, ohio, and virginia. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. [video clip] >> this is a true story of 10 days in london in 1854. it is a story of an outbreak that took place during this period. the first half of the book is so boring and frightening as the outbreak just devastates a neighborhood in soho. it tur
on u.s. and retail restaurant sales. it shows that on a monthly basis, from september through october, that of all and parts dealers were up 1.3% in september from august. gasoline, the purchases of gasoline were up 2.5%. restaurants and bars, almost 0.5%. non- store, internet sales, up 1.8%. building and gardening supplies, up 1.1%. is that an indication of housing coming back? guest: i think it is. housing is an interesting thing. even though housing construction is a small percentage of gdp, it has a much bigger ripple effect through the economy. when people buy a house, they buy furniture, garden supplies, whenever they might need. it triggers spending across the economy. housing is intertwined. it is part of their household wealth, confidence. if a home price has risen, i commit to a family more confident and more willing to spend money and other things -- that could make a family more confident to spend money on other things. anything that has the economy getting better has a housing recovery at its core. host: neil irwin writes about the economy for "the washington post," and h
on the u.s. ambassador of the un susan rice. even though the ambassador mentioned there were extremist elements involved and possibly al qaeda from north africa. the administration within several days eventually came out and said this was a terrorist attack. not months or years in planning, but much more opportunistic probably triggered by demonstrations that the militants in libya heard. in cairo, they breached the walls of the embassy and perhaps it gave those in libya the trigger to gather their arms. host: have you seen any evidence of a cover-up from the administration? guest: no. it is a very modeled message after coming out. i think they were overly cautious, understandably not knowing what was the case. different spokesman saying slightly different things, it confused the message and they were not as clear as they could have been early on that this was a dynamic situation on the ground. host: last question for you. what is the latest on tracking down the folks who carried out this attack? guest: the two nations announced they have one suspect in custody -- the tunisians announc
manufacturing and the u.s. economy. our guests are wall street jour eric. >> good morning. this friday, october 5. all eyes will be on the 8:30 time release of the september jobs number. which is suggested will be resonating on the campaign trail this weekend. and here on c-span, we will be drawn from the debate this week for a question on this friday morning -- a specific question toward the end of the debate. and that is the role of government in your life. i would like to know what to think about that. it is a hearty debate it seems this year between the two debates. our lines are open and. -- lines are open. you also send us a message by e- mail. can post on facebook foresees ben. weet.end us fa t what should the role of government be in your life? this story was part of peter baker's coverage of the debate. a clash of philosophies. one side sees the central government role. the other side wanted to get out of the way. is also the subject of a fairly new poll from the gallup group majority in the u.s.a., doing too much. so the majority of americans continue to believe the government is tryi
identification i you -- to do almost anything in the u.s. in one thing you can do without id. guest: i have heard people in the street saying that. that is part of the debate also a, you know, you need identification to get on a plane, to do lots of things. but when you look at the broader picture and get different people's situations in our country, you have, for example, people who grew up in the rural south, perhaps people of color who were born at home and do not have a birth certificate. they have lived their lives without identification. you have the disabled, where it may be a little bit more difficult for them to do all of the running around involved in getting an identification. and you have various people that for whatever reason they do not have identification and they have been able to get along without it. and when you look at the numbers -- i think i actually have some here. when you do look at the numbers, 23% of african-americans, 16% of but when you look at the broader latinos, and 8% of white americans have no government- issued id. for the majority of americans it may seem natu
with public health emergencies. first, a news update from c-span radio. >> laurence pope, the new u.s. envoy to tripoli, liberally -- libya and his first remarks says the u.s. would continue "on the continue on the path" of chris stevens who was killed in a terrorist attack. he went on to say the u.s. is determined to bring to justice the perpetrators of that attack. the incident has triggered a debate in washington over whether the visitor -- ambassador and mission were given sufficient protection. turning to the economy, the commerce department says retail sales rose sharply in december, reflecting higher consumer confidence and improve and the job market. consumers bought more cars, gasoline, and electronics. sales rose just over 1 percent in september after a 1.2% rise in august that was revised higher. both were the largest since october 2010. stock futures reacted to the games are seeing gains. s&p 500 futures up 7.9 points. the dow adding 60. the nasdaq 100 are of 19. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> take a look as he stands debate have. video of the vice-pre
on the republican side. that is true for the presidential level and that the u.s. senate and the u.s. house. host: i want to show an ad that maybe everybody has not seen. this ran in eight states, including ohio and virginia. [video clip] >> this is what president obama said the jobless rate would be if we pass the stimulus. but this is with the job unemployment rate actually is. obama spending drove plus $5 trillion deeper in debt. obama promised verses what he delivered. host: how this effort to free the files has been received by the campaigns and the tv stations. guest: the campaigns -- i do not know if they are paying attention. they tend to not talk to us when we called them, particular the nonprofit groups that do not disclose their donors. that is one reason why we're doing this. outside groups have to do some spending files. there are gaps in the reporting logs. oftentimes one of them might issue a press release about an on faceand you're going about whether that is accurate. what we can do with these files and the project is looking at what is happening with that happening to rely on these
, but closer and 20, great. we rank the 26 most likely to pull in the u.s. senate and nebraska is number two on a list after being number one for the entire year. i expect debra fischer to become the republican senator from nebraska. host: 3 democrats solidify their lead in senate races, that the new york times. guest: ohio is one of those races, the two sides see this almost diametrically opposed. democrats agree with most of the media and public polling that shows sherrod brown leading by the high single digits if not low double digits. republicans see a very close race. a/c republican treasurer josh mandel running a lot closer to brown even, if not ahead in one or two internal post. they might be optimisc,
, they have two powerful circuits that can speak to voters. those being now u.s. senator marco rubio appeals to the latino community and republicans in general. he is a rising gop star. also, the battleship of republican politics in the state of florida, former governor jeb bush. when he comes out, people on both sides and listen to what he has to say. he is someone who is respected. the democrats do not really have someone with the same level of clout in florida from florida. the closest they have is charlie crist. he appeared at the democratic national convention and did make an address. charlie crist the spring of issues for voters because of his party change. he went from being a republican to being an independent. there is a lot of speculation about him running for something else, maybe governor again against. scott -- against recall scott or running for congress. it is not clear what he will do. because of that baggage, people look at what he is saying and wonder if he is maneuvering for political advantage. host: if mitt romney is not elected, is jim bush and early candidate for 2014?
. this is on the topic of libya. [video clip] >> when you look at what has happened just in the last few weeks, the u.s. ambassador out to say this was because of a protest of a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to announce this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. talked about the youtube video six times. if we are hit by terrorists, we will call it what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in tehran has a marine detachment guarding him. should we not have the same for our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was a al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. now they're trying to blame the romney-ryan ticket for making this an issue. >> i will be very specific. number one, this lecture on embassy security, the congressman cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for. so much for the embassy security. number two, governor romney, before he even knew that our ambassador was killed, he was out making political statements and was panned by the media around the world. and this talk about weakness, i don't underst
on their behalf, you might be likely to sway your vote in that direction. i think that the two u.s. senators and their endorsements of the two opposition candidates have been very important here in new hampshire. host: who won in 2008 and why, and how's it looking good six days to go? guest: president obama won by nine points in 2008. senator mccain had spent a lot of time here, not only in his primary campaign in 2008 but previous to that in 2000, i think he had over 100 town hall meetings in new hampshire during that time. so he has been to a lot of different places. i'm sure it was a disappointment for him. he continued to come to new hampshire on behalf of governor romney. -- continues. i think new hampshire is a tossup, it's anyone's guess at this point. it's what makes politics exciting. certainly not the candidates are placing a lot of emphasis here. as i mentioned, romney is coming in. and president clinton at the end of the week is coming here for the president. i don't have any research necessarily on this, but i would say president clinton and hillary clinton are very popular in n
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